One-time price of $985 for a full year's supply.

One-time price of $985 for a full year's supply.

Your Price: $985.00
Part Number:269
  • * You pay a one-time price of $985 for a full year's supply. We will immediately ship you your first month's 100 OneTouch Ultra or any other test strips of your choice.
  • * Each month you will receive sealed boxes of 100 ct. on the 28th. These strips have long expirations so you don't have to worry about freshness.
  • Stock up because test strip prices will continue to soar due to The new health insurance act (ACA).
  • Look at Wal-Mart pricing at a whopping $137, Target at $138, CVS, $136 and on and on. We save you 60% OFF Wal-Mart prices.
  • In fact, our prices are so LOW you're getting these highest Quality Test Strips almost at cost. For 6 years we've been Helping people manage diabetes through affordable testing and Weren?t not about to stop now when you need us most.
  • So many of you asked for a great deal on OneTouch Ultra that We've put them On Sale For JUST $83. We will also extend this Low, low price to other major brands. You have to buy a 12-month Supply to take advantage of this special offer.
  • Please feel free to call us at 832-368-5877 and leave a message. We look forward to supplying you with top quality Diabetes Test Strips at record breaking LOW prices!

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