Bayer Ascensia Contour Test Strips

Bayer Ascensia Contour Test Strips

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Bayer Contour Test Strips Ensure Accurate Results Every Time 

   One thing that many diabetics struggle with is find efficient test strips to use. That is not a problem with Bayer Contour test strips. The improved Bayer Contour Test Strips make testing blood sugar levels fast, simple, and efficient. Contour Test Strips has a unique bottle design. It has a flip top that opens and closes easily. This is perfect for people of all ages. As a result of its patented bottle design with built in desiccant, a substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness, the strips stay fresh up to six months after opening.

For Bayer Contour test strips only a blood sample of 0.6 microliters is needed to get accurate test results. Also a window on the Bayer Contour test strips makes it easy to see when the strip fills with blood.

Many people also look for test strips that allow them to do little to no work. Bayer Contour test strips allow very little with it's  automatic calibration. The automatic calibration allows everything to already be set up for the diabetic. This ensures accurate results every time with fewer steps when using Bayer Contour test strips. Contour Test Strips also offer alternate site testing, such as on the palm or forearm, as well as the fingertip. This may reduce pain caused by continuous testing on the same area. 

Product Features:

There are several product features to Bayer Contour test strips. Each of these features helps to prove its accuracy. They are listed below

Absolutely no coding required for the test strips.
There is sip-in sampling and 
Alternate testing sites (as mentioned above)
The best part of Bayer Contour testing strips is they work as fast as 15 seconds. Getting results does not take long at all.
Compatible Meter:

The meter that is compatible with Bayer Contour test strips is Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter. This meter includes a 480 test result memory. It also has 14-day averages and the option to download your results to your computer.

100 Test Strips

We sell Bayer Contour test strips in boxes of 50 test strips and boxes of 100 test strips. Bayer Contour test strips are for sell in the United States of America only.

Warning: Bayer Contour test strips should be stored between 59 degrees and 86 degrees Farenheight. They should also stay out of the sunlight. They are used for in vitro diagnostic use only.

There are several ingredients in Bayer Contour Test Strips. They are 6 percent of Glucose Dehydrogenase Aspergillus SP 2.0 U/Test Strip , Bayer Contour test strips contain 56 percent of Potassium Ferricyanide. There's also 38 percent of  non-reactive Ingredients.

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