Freestyle Lite Test Diabetic Strips

Freestyle Lite Test Diabetic Strips

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Freestyle Lite Test Diabetic Strips

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips Make Managing Diabetes Easier Than Ever

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips offer one of the highest levels of accuracy of any diabetic test strips with the world’s smallest sample size. They also exclusively offers coulometry, a unique electrochemical measurement that is unaffected by reaction rates and is ideal for measuring a small blood sample size. Using coulometry to measure virtually all of the blood glucose on a test strip sample, they offer simplicity for ease of use so that fewer strips are wasted. These strips offer virtually pain-free testing and no coding required. They can be conveniently used on alternative testing sites, such as the forearm, upper arm, hand, thigh, calf, or palm, as well as the fingertip. FreeStyle glucose testing products offer the latest in technology to make managing your diabetes easier than ever.

Product Features:

  • No coding required
  • World’s smallest sample size – 0.3 microliter
  • Uses coulometric technology
  • Alternate site testing
  • Virtually pain-free testing
  • Results in just 5 seconds

Compatible Meters:

  • FreeStyle Lite System

100 Test Strips

They contain: Glucose Dehydrogenase is no less than 1.0 Unit; Other ingredients (buffer, mediator, etc.) no less than 0.01 mg

Why Buy From Us?

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips are sold in most stores for a retail price of $129.99. We offer up to a 50% discount on all diabetic testing supplies, including these test diabetes test strips. All of our products are guaranteed to be quality diabetic test strips that will provide accurate results when checking your blood glucose. We greatly value our customers and always provide courteous, prompt service.

Why Buy Online?

Aside from the huge savings you’ll receive from our company, purchasing online is also convenient, making it quick and easy to order your diabetic testing supplies.

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