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OneTouch Ultra Test Strips

OneTouch Ultra Test Strips

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OneTouch Ultra Test Strips are the Number One Sold Test Strips in the U.S.

OneTouch Ultra Test Strips with FastDraw Design make blood glucose testing simple, quick, and less painful for anyone with diabetes. Preferred by most customers, the OneTouch Meter provides results in just 5 seconds and requires only a drop of blood, which means less pain when you test on your fingers or forearm. Simply touch the end of the test strip to your blood sample. The test strip will automatically draw up blood, making it easy to see when there is enough for an accurate reading.

Product Features:

  • Results in just 5 seconds
  • Requires a small drop of blood
  • Quick, less painful testing
  • Automatically draws blood into the test strip
  • Easy to see when there is enough blood for an accurate reading

Compatible Meters:

  • One Touch Ultra2
  • One Touch Ultra
  • One Touch UltraSmart
  • InDuo Meters
  • OneTouch UltraMini
  • OneTouch UltraLink

Each One Touch Ultra test strip contains: Glucose oxidase (greater than or equal to) 0.8IU, other ingredients (mediator, buffer, etc) (greater than or equal to) 0.05mg. The vial cap contains a drying agent.

Why Buy From Us?

OneTouch Ultra Test Strips are sold in most stores for a retail price of $114.99. We offer up to a 50% discount on all diabetic testing supplies, including OneTouch Ultra Test Strips. All of our products are guaranteed to be quality diabetic test strips that will provide accurate results when checking your blood glucose. We greatly value our customers and always provide courteous, prompt service.

Why Buy Online?

Aside from the huge savings youll receive from our company, purchasing online is also convenient, making it quick and easy to order your diabetic testing supplies.

One Touch Ultra Coupon

When hearing the news that they have diabetes, people often feel that their life is over. They often wonder what they could have done differently to prevent it. If you have recently received your diagnosis, you can relax knowing your life is NOT over. Luckily, there are many One Touch Ultra supplies out there to help you adapt to a healthier lifestyle by keeping track of your blood sugar levels.

One of the first things your doctor will discuss with you is how to monitor your blood sugar levels. You will probably be instructed to check the blood sugar levels twice a day, when you first get up in the morning and before you go to bed. For most people, this particular task does not interfere with their life at all and becomes more routine as days go by. We offer on our website a very generous One Touch Ultra Coupon for diabetics looking to save money on their One Touch Ultra test strips.

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