Precision Xtra Test Strips

Precision Xtra Test Strips

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Precision Xtra Test Strips

Benefits of Using Precision Xtra

Are you looking for some very easy test strips to use? Do you want your child to be able to test without you around? Well, Precision Xtra test strips are the right test strips for you. Precision Xtra test strips are very simple test strips to use. They're so simple kids don't need help from their parents when testing. They are also designed to avoid long term pain in one testing spot. Precision Xtra test strips are also made in a way that prevents kids from breaking them.

Precision Xtra has a foil wrapping. With some test strips you can easily contaminate the results if you're too rough with them. However, with Precision Xtra a child can wrestle to get the strip opened and it will still work effectively. Then all the Precision Xtra test strips need is to be inserted into the system. Then a drop of blood should be added and in five seconds a person will receive their results.

Precision Xtra also uses blood ketone testing. Testing for blood ketone is much cleaner than testing for urine ketones. Unlike Urine ketone testing, blood ketone testing gives an accurate reading. Blood ketones are quicker to find in the body than urine ketones. Also, for patients using insulin pumps, the blood ketone testing catches interruption in the insulin flow quickly. Precision Xtra is also good for pregnant women who want to measure their ketone levels. Precision Xtra also has many features that makes it good for use.


  1. only requires 0.6 micro liters of blood
  2. strip can be touched without being contaminated
  3. end or top fill glucose test strips
  4. More blood can be applied to the same test strip within 5 seconds
  5. The meter tells you whether the test strips are good for use or not

Compatible Meters:

Precision Xtra is compatible with only one meter. That is the Precision Xtra System. The Precision Xtra system has an easy setup, simple icon, driven menus, and minimizes the hassle from blood glucose monitoring. The Precision Xtra meter is also the only system on the market that tests blood sugar and ketones.
Precision Xtra test strips are not sold in stores. You can only buy them online. We have the best deals for you when it comes to buying Precision Xtra test strips. Well sell them in boxes of 100 test strips and 50 test strips. The Precision Xtra boxes have international packaging.
Ingredients: Precision Xtra test strips have several ingredients. They are Glucose Dehydrogenase (DGH-NAD), NAD + (a sodium salt), Phenanthroline quinone, and non-reactive ingredients

Precision Xtra should be stored at temperatures between 39 degrees and 86 degrees Fairenheight. It is also used for in vitro diagnostic use only.

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